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Testimonial: G. LeRiche - Sciatic Pain
You will be interested to know that after 2.5 years of attempting to find relief from my sciatic pain problem, today I have NO pain. As you know, I had extensive chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment over the past 2 years.

Testimonial: A. Ahmed - Back Pain
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the friendly staff at Meditech for treating my back pain. I am a 21 year old university student and was diagnosed with acutely herniated disc, which was seen as "incurable" by many doctors before visiting your clinic. I was told that if the pain gets worse as I get older, no guarantee surgery was the one and only option. Read more >>

Testimonial: C. Desouza - Tendonitis
I am writing this letter to express my deepest appreciation to you, Slava, Dennis, Rafael, Susan and the entire team who helped me through a very long and difficult period. I developed bilateral adductor tendonitis playing soccer and not resting after an initial "adductor pull." It reached a point where the pain on both sides limited walking, standing and any sort of activity. Read more >>

Testimonial: G. Hatch - Spinal Stenosis
I recently received my first treatment of laser therapy at 411 Horner Ave after an auto accident in 1969 in which I broke my back, ribs and knee, I developed spinal stenosis. My doctor sent me to a spinal surgeon. I was told by him that nothing could be done and I should take pain medication and learn to live with it. Read more >>

Testimonial: TG - Knee Pain
Last night I started playing basketball in the Burlington Men's League for the 21st year. After the season last year, I did not think that I would be back. At the end of last year's playoffs, my right knee (which had been operated on September 10, 2001 for a torn meniscus) was very painful just to walk or even sleeping at night. Read more >>

Testimonial: J. Jackson - Chronic Pain
As I read an article, "Solve the Agony," in The Globe and Mail, Saturday, October 21, by Ann Mc Ilroy, I broke down and wept. Michael De Groote's story of chronic pain is also my story. From January 01, 2006 to April 01, 2006, I woke-up each and every morning with shooting pains in my neck and the base of my skull. Read more >>