Testimonial: G. Hatch - Spinal Stenosis

I recently received my first treatment of laser therapy at 411 Horner Ave after an auto accident in 1969 in which I broke my back, ribs and knee, I developed spinal stenosis. My doctor sent me to a spinal surgeon. I was told by him that nothing could be done and I should take pain medication and learn to live with it. My wife developed carpal tunnel and was told she would need surgery on both hands. Easter Monday Paulette was watching TV and you were on Dr. Marlow Shapiro on CTV. She copied the information as to what you treated and how to contact you. I reluctantly agreed to contact you. I had tried massage therapy, acupuncture and magnetic therapy. After one laser treatment, I no longer need pain medication and I can walk at least a km as compared to 300 ft. My knee which I could not bend more than 90 degrees, is getting better every treatment. You will never know how much you have changed my life. I tell everyone that I meet who has pain to see you and so far you have helped all.

Thank you so much. Please feel free to give my phone # to anyone who might want to hear about my experience.


G. Hatch
Beeton, ON


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