Testimonial: TG - Knee Pain

Last night I started playing basketball in the Burlington Men's League for the 21st year. After the season last year, I did not think that I would be back. At the end of last year's playoffs, my right knee (which had been operated on September 10, 2001 for a torn meniscus) was very painful just to walk or even sleeping at night.

After 15 treatments with BioFlex Laser Therapy, I now sleep comfortable and get to walk our dog, Mykayla, without any noticeable pain. But more importantly, there is little pain on my right knee when cutting toward the hoop or pushing off the basket in a lay up.

Overall, I am elated that my right knee is at least 70-80% better than where it was a year ago! Many thanks to your knowledgeable personnel and to your personal dedication in pursuing my well being over the visits employing the BioFlex Laser Therapy.

Sincerely yours,



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