Testimonial: J. Jackson - Chronic Pain

My Journey from Hell to Paradise

As I read an article, "Solve the Agony," in The Globe and Mail, Saturday, October 21, by Ann Mc Ilroy, I broke down and wept. Michael De Groote's story of chronic pain is also my story. From January 01, 2006 to April 01, 2006, I woke-up each and every morning with shooting pains in my neck and the base of my skull. Most of those days, I cried because of the unrelenting pain, isolation, desperation and no solutions to my problem. The only time I left home was to visit an assortment of physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths and eventually the Pain and Headache Clinic.

At the Pain and Headache Clinic, I received two needles in my neck and two in my upper back, which froze blocks of nerves. These needles gave me about a week to nine days of pain and medication free living. The chronic pain would return and the cycle would begin all over again. Every three weeks, I would return for another round of needles.

I too made a trip to the Wasser Pain Clinic at Mt. Sinai and had an MRI. The outcome was yes, you do have severe degeneration of your cervical discs in your spine and loss of cartilage. Their suggestions - take drugs (Percocet) and try physiotherapy. I followed this plan faithfully and did it help? NO. I had a few good days each month, but plenty of bad days, so their answer was more drugs, stronger drugs, which is detrimental to the liver that has to process all these.

I told my husband, family and any doctors who would listen that there is no quality to this life. I feel so alone in this battle and maybe I should consider my options. Even the experts at the Wasser Pain Clinic had no solutions. I had gone from being a "social butterfly" to a recluse. I lost interest in everything. It took all my energy just to survive. The highlight of each day was bedtime. I would take my drugs and sleep pain-free for six hours. You call this living?

But there is a happy ending to my story; not as a result of my trips to Mt. Sinai, but of an appointment I made in the small cottage area on Lake Huron known as Saugeen Shores. Once a month at the Post Office, there is a small newsprint type booklet called Market Place filled with advertisements and activities. In the October issue, there was a small ad "Pain Management - One person at a Time". Since I tried everything else and had nothing to loose, I made an appointment for the next day, Tuesday, October 03, 2006. I was very skeptical that this treatment would do anything for me. After all, I had been to the Wasser Pain Clinic, one of the best in Canada!

The results were astonishing! I had my first "BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy" treatment and left the office pain and drug free. Since then, I had eight treatments and as my doctor at the cottage said, "It is like a miracle". Since October 03, 2006, instead of taking three Percocet a day and one at bedtime, I now only take 1 at bedtime since I am pain-free.

How long will this stop be in Paradise? I do not know for sure but you know what? These pain-free twenty-five days have been filled with joy, laughter, family, grandchildren and good friends. I am now the Judi that they remembered.

I am continuing to receive Low Intensity Laser Therapy treatments and hope that in the future, I will just need an occasional "top ups". My hope and prayers for those five million Canadians who suffer from chronic pain are to try BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy treatments from a qualified professional. This treatment might not work for everybody but if my story is your story, get out there and be your own advocate!

I now embrace each day and am able and confident to make plans for the future. I feel like I have won the lottery and I have the lottery of good health.

J. Jackson - lives & celebrates life in Toronto


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